A loan that saves you
time and money

Affordable financing with loan repayments deducted from salary, leaving you to focus on what’s important

Rates from 6% to 29% APR, up to 30 months repayment

How Snippet can help

Ease Financial Stress

Perhaps you need to tap into some additional finance or would like to pay off some expensive debts; Snippet’s salary-linked loan offers an affordable solution. You do not need to pledge any security.

Simple Repayment Process

Loan repayments are spread over a number of months and automatically deducted from your paycheck while you remain with your employer.

Improve your credit score

Keeping current with your debt repayments can help to improve your credit score. Paying direct from salary is a more consistent way of paying down debt.

If your employer works with Snippet you simply need to:

  1. Create an account and complete a loan application

    If required, a soft credit check will initially be conducted which will not affect your credit score. After you accept your loan terms then a hard check will be undertaken. For short term loans (under 4 months) we may not need to check your FICO at all.

  2. Accept your terms and provide supporting documents
  3. Receive your loan, then repayments are auto deducted from salary

Any Questions?

How is Snippet able to offer a competitive loan rate?
Because loan repayment is deducted directly from the borrower’s paycheck, the cost of collections and default rates are lower. This enables Snippet to offer an affordable and responsible financing solution.
What happens if the borrower ceases to work at the company?
A borrower is still required to make the scheduled repayments directly to Snippet.
Who can qualify for the loan?
Snippet will consider employees who have been working with the company for at least [1] year, are over [20] years old, are not working their notice or probationary period.
Does the employer have any liability under the loan if the borrower defaults or leaves employment?
No. The loan is contracted between the employee and lender directly.
Does this encourage employees to take on debts they can’t afford?
No. Experience of salary loans has shown it to be a responsible lending product with the majority of borrowers using it to consolidate their more expensive outstanding debts. For borrowers that require additional financial means this salary loan solution is generally a more affordable option than other alternatives.

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